We started this project after we finished the second project which is movie posters, I have already learned so many about crafts and paper art and how to work with it since two of my posters had paper art in them. However, although I thought I mastered paper art in 2 weeks surprise, I was wrong, it is way harder than I expected. When I first knew that we were making trailers/title-sequence for the movie we made a poster for I was excited but at the same time I had the feeling that I don’t want to hear the name of the movie ever again.

Later on, while working on my storyboard for the title sequence, I had so many ideas coming on my mind, the movie is stop motion animation, I have to make a stop motion animation title sequence. i wanted to relate the fact that the movie is made out of “toys” and art pieces and great film production to my title sequence. my favorite title sequence is monsters inc. and it was 2d animation, while the movie is made by pixar and is 3d animation. So I went back to that and I wanted to make something like that. However, I don’t know anything about animation or stop motion animation to make one, not a smooth, realistic one, but at least I can make one, and I thought it was going to be easy since it is for kids.

I first thought about taking film and moving the camera around, I thought of using magnet on the back side of paper to move it, I thought of many things that later on I realized is kind of stupid and pretty hard, why take a movie when you can edit a photo and make it move using software.

Maybe because I’m not a software person, I don’t think digitally first.

However, I settled on my final story board, which included typography, logo, insects, peach, empire state, and james made out of paper art. The only thing I had was the empire state, I had to make 6 insects, a human, logo, and typography, and other things to make this work.



Along the way I struggled a lot since the knives we have here are very bad and they don’t cut paper nicely, I tried a big knife a small knife and a knife that can rotate or something like that, but then I remembered I have a scalpel that I used in my sophomore year, unfortunately I didn’t have blades but thanks to law I stole some, jk.

So this made me behind in addition to another thing which is craft.

Apparently my body decides to shake and especially the hand I use when I’m stressed or feeling like shit. So I had to cut the pieces I mentioned above at least 3 times each. it was a major struggle that made me hate choosing paper art at some point because I had to finish and I was struggling and I didn’t know what to do, I thought of laser cutting the pieces but where will all the fun go.

At some point when I kind of got used to it cutting paper made me forget about stress and helped me get through somethings in my life outside the university so thanks to this project I managed to crawl through the semester.

The beauty of the paper art is when you get done with the pieces and stare at it to see how far you’ve went from a shitty cutter to a master, exaggerating but I really think I did well with my pieces.

Part two of the journey was filming. Now filming the pieces and the stop motion animation was very hard and I was very stupid. I think of the hardest ways to work whenever I begin working and while working the easy ideas pop on my head. Like putting paper on the floor instead of double-side-tape it on a wall just for the sake of the sunlight. I had many failed attempts and I took more than 1000 photos. The majority of them were failed attempts and just some were good. Worst part about this is back pain, I don’t know how people shoot a whole stop motion animation movie, I really hope to be like them one day.

The amazing thing about shooting is going through the photos and looking at how it might look like, the best part was the Disney logo because it was very neat, and the characters (instects) because I decided to make them look like the characters and make them clothes like the movie.

Of course the worst part of this journey is editing, aside from looking at the video for 1 billion times in one hour, I had to edit the pictures and move some frames to suite the dimensions of the video, and I am very bad with software especially photoshop and aftereffects. It confuses me because it is very busy and have so many things in them and I am not used to use them unlike premiere and illustrator/indesign.

I made the video on premiere to manage the speed of pictures every frame and to delete some pictures out for it to be 1:00-1:30 minute. And I added the typography on aftereffects. I feel like aftereffects is the indesign of videos. There are many things in it that I would really like to learn how to use. I love videos and photography and I enjoy the projects that use them. Unlike drawing animations and using 2d softwares.

I really enjoyed the project with all the struggles I have been through. The result of what I did is better than I expected it to be including the video and the paper art craft. And I loved that we designed for something we like. I love James and the Giant Peach since I was a kid and I feel so proud that I designed something related to it.


During the first two classes of the project we were asked to pick out movies and I was very excited about it I did not know what to choose. But I remembered one of my favorite movies as a kid was james and the giant peach, to behonest I didn’t want to create my project about it because I figured that I would hate it after the project but I did not.

So we were asked to create 3 posters, one poetic, one persuasive, and one pragmatic. I was very frustrated at the beginning of the project because I did not actually understand what does it mean. Like most of the movie posters I see are the same, and the examples from last year did not help much. Because they lack information.

We watched a video explaining one of the movies the seniors worked with last year and I felt that videos like that might actually help me during making the movie poster. Of course, I had to rewatch the movie because I forgot half of it, and when I rewatched it I linked so many things and thought about so many ideas for my posters, but I wasn’t sure how should I make it. specially that the movie I chose is stop motion animation, and when it says that I have to use vector images, I did not like it at all, it does not connect to the movie in any way. And I tried working with vector it just turns out looking flat and not nice at all. So I made some posters and I tried to figure out how do I want to place things and the composition of it.

I first understood that pragmatic means the focus is on the title, poetic on the tagline, and persuasive on the company, writer, director… etc, which was very helpful. I started searching in IMDb and look for pictures for inspiration, in addition to google and pinterest. The research I did made me think more about the fact that we have to use vector, but then I thought that maybe I should take a risk and make my own designers choice, because I felt that I understand the movie more now, and I should design something that will show how I see the movie, and deliver this Idea to people.

However, I tried working with vector, and I tried drawing james and some of the characters and drawing the peach but I still couldn’t see it connecting to the movie, it looked really ugly. And I also tried combining vetors with raster, and looking for a picture of the empire state building but it was not good enough.

When I started watching the movie I found very important elements that I can use. Like the travel book he carried through the movie, the scene when the peach became a giant peach out of nowhere, the scene where the peach was carried by seagulls which took a big part, and the fact that he landed on the empire state building, and I thought of using some of the scenes I found big in my poster.

Later, I thought about the fact that I work better with my hand, and I remember for the project before, while I was researching, one thing I found really fascinating, is paper art. So I tried to create some paper art, and started with the poster where the peach is flying above the sea. The craft was a problem because I tried different cutters and they are all very thick and hard to cut with. So I went back to use a scalpel to cut the papers in organic shapes, like the peach and waves. I used different layers of paper and different shades of blue to show depth and motion. And I decided to change the fact that it was carried by seagulls to make it carried by the title.

For my second poster I thought of using just an image of a peach and make it huge. I love the texture on the peach and I love how it shows on the peach that is on the movie. Picking peach was not an easy choice, not every peach had a “perfect peach shape”, I went to two supermarkets and picked up few different peaches and photographed them, edited them with photoshop, the brightness, contrast, saturation… etc. and it looked very fresh and ready to be on a poster.

In addition to that, for my third poster, I decided to combine both posters; the real peach and paper art. So I made the empire state building out of paper art, and placed a real peach on top of it, and took a photo of it. which I think looked really amazing. typography was a challenge, for all of my posters, I had to adjust the type many times for it to fit nicely and look connected to the movie. For the title, I tried the handwriting of my nephew and tried to make my own with my own handwriting, I first did it on my ipad and it was cursive and I had a feedback that kids cannot read cursive, which makes sense and I don’t know what was I thinking. But later on I fixed it and I tried writing my own but my handwriting is so fake and so ugly, so I asked Steffi to write on my ipad – credit goes to her for the title – and her handwriting fitted instantly.

I am really happy that I learned something I was not expected to learn which is paper art, it was not easy at the beginning but now it is becoming easier. I learned how movie posters are made and what information usually goes on a movie poster, like the directors, actors, writers and all that, of course typography is important and it tells a story so typefaces and size, placement creates a different feel to whatever we are making.


Project 003 – Packaging


For this project, we learned to print on a 3D object, a package. This printing job had to be a 6 color job, meaning, CMYK + two spot colors. I tried to make many packages before my final one, I thought of making a bag at first that mocks the way plastic bags are like, to connect it to the dukkan section of our shop. Like how kids used to go to the supermarket (dukkan) and by a bag of candy, but it did not work.

I later tried to create a box of candy that I can put mix candy in. We used spot colors to identify the jobs of the lines we created in the file, bleed line, die line, fold line, and glue line. Those four lines are not considered in the 6 colors job, the file must have more than 4 spot colors, this was a bit confusing since the job is only 6 colors and the lines are 4. but we learned that those four are created as CMYK builds spot colors just to identify their jobs and making it easier on the print vendor to do their jobs. and for the design we used CMYK colors, and 2 spot colors, to use them to identify that those parts of the design are different than CMYK, example, Pantone or varnish.

We learned to organize the indesign layers in a way that we makes it easier to work with, every layer has a job that’s responsible of. There is a hard part where we had to implement the logo in our design, i decided to use the one color logo, black logo.

I used Arabic typeface Aref Ruqaa in the design I made, which is a primary typeface in the brand. Marwa and I decided to use the secondary colors of the brand, the colors that we did not use in the logo because it has more variety and options, we connected both of our packages with one color, purple, and designed pattern and stripes. My package consists of two parts, a cover box and an inner box. In printing, we had to fix the images in the files to be 300 dpi and its effective ppi to be 100%, we do it this way by resizing the image in indesign to be the size I want, and then change the percentage of the size of the image in photoshop, making sure that it is 300 dpi.

The final design of my package is a candy box.

Dar AlSharq Printing Press

One thing I noticed is most of the time, the unauthorized use of the logo is more than the authorized, most brand has restrictions on how to use the logo and the slogan. And they represent the identity in the brand manual. I used vectors, images, and typography to show that in my brand manual.

As we moved into the project I started to learn more about our brand and our logo and the identity, I started to understand how branding works and how a brand sustains its identity and it stays the same for years which is amazing.

We learned how to place one image and make it cross through two pages by placing two and cropping its frame through, so the links in the file are present in every page.

We also learned that the printers in our university are not like other printers outside like if we go to a print vendor it will not look the same. that is why we need to make sure that everything is in the right place in our files and that it should be the right way so we don’t face troubles in the outside world


During week 12 we went to a printing press in industrial area. It was the “I told you so” trip by professor law. We basically went inside and saw every section of the printing press, how print vendors work, how the organize stuff how the process of making a book or a package or anything that includes printing is really complicated and organized at the same time. the printing press is divided to areas like, binding area, packaging area, and delivery area. The machines they use are very huge and I am very interested to know what’s their mechanism. They have variety of colors and many plates they use to make forms of type on packages, they have foils and pantone colors. It surprised me how the place is very organized and unorganized too. they have many signs that show that the process is dangerous, I would like to make some people experience that danger. The place is loud and smells like hard work. However, I noticed so many things that I know I would not if I wasn’t a graphic designer.