Demystifying the Mainstream

Form and Communication

World Full of Screens.

This video aims to demystify the fact that technology has put a huge impact on kids nowadays and made them miss the chance of the things they are meant to do, “playing”.

As we see today, especially with the variety of smart devices, time passes, kids grow up, and miss their chances of enjoying other fun things that does not include technology.

The video aims to educate adults, mostly parents in the middle east about the life of their kids and how technology might affect the way they develop as human beings. That includes their social life, mental and physical health, and can also affect their surroundings too.

Many parents in the middle east tend to give their children any form of technology to keep them busy and forget the fact that this way might shut their children down.

This video is about a child growing up with technology. He misses his chances of playing and socializing with other kids like him, his time passes by while he is unaware, until he becomes a young adult. When he became a young adult a wake-up call hits him, searching for his playful soul that he put in the shadows as he grew up.

In this video the method of coding is used because mostly everyone in this world knows this fact, “how technology is affecting the new generation” but no one is actually aware of it.

Moreover, adding the element of emotion in the video by showing the series of the kid as he is growing up is a way to grab the attention of parents and remind them of their own kids.

In addition to the visual language, the choice of words and the typeface is set to be minimal in order to deliver the message of the video in a more direct and simple way without causing any confusion for the audience.




I feel like this project is a summary of all the things we learned about type and other things about graphic design like craft, systems, intentions and so. Now I understand every time I look at a poster or at a website or at a magazine or a book how there is a system to everything and how everything we think is easy and unplanned is actually planned and worked hard on. Now I understand that books we read are not made just like that, a good designer knows how to design a flat surface to make it look beautiful and in type, readable. I really enjoyed what I did in type and how I know now how to use my skills in many other things. I began to design things that has type and that is made in indesign for people. I am amazed by how many skills a graphic designer can have. My favorite part was actually seeing results, looking back at my work and seeing how much my design have changed. I developed my skills in craft and learned how to use materials to make type. And most importantly I learned how to critique myself and look at my mistakes and fixing them. Thank you Law and Mahmoud for teaching us how to make life more beautiful  for our eyes to look and read.



We were asked to bring one tiled A2 on Tuesday but I decided to make two because why not and because I wanted more feedback on the size of the sentence and the placement of the logo. Still, I thought that my poster is very crowded and was confused on how I’ll place the text because it was white and I have a lot of bright spaces in my poster. When we had our group critique, professors would choose five posters to comment on and go to the other group. I stayed with most of the groups and we all had almost the same mistakes repeated over and over again.

Most of the our mistakes were that the logo is too big, and the sentence is too small. We learned that it should be between 2 and 2.5 cm. law pointed out that we should focus more on the idea that we’re not working with a book we’re making a poster and it is ok to break some rules of the body copy (size is not included) but what I understood is, it is okay to break the paragraph and that the character length can be less or more than the magic number 65. We were also taught about semantic phrasing how to break up the sentence or the paragraph semantically, separating the meaning of it. They suggested that I make the paragraph more organic and that’s what I kind of did in on of the posters I brought that day. I tried to work on it more until Thursday.

On Thursday we brought our semi final A1 tiled and we had a silent critique. Where everyone pointed out things about other people’s work. Most posters were so much better than the ones we saw on Tuesday. Everyone commented on my logo the most and how I arranged my paragraph and sentence but I made it this way to match the cloud cotton theme.




I feel like my group and I did a great job and our diamonds where almost real although we changed our ideas 100 times and worked on it a lot. The presentation went well today and I feel like we accomplished something really great. I felt like our project was like a finale for the semester and method and processes. I’m missing this course already. The thing I love the most about what we did is I actually wanna make it a thing, like a real game.
We worked on it referencing many scenes of the movie, mostly the one where the kids where running and hunting the balloon and trying to pop it. i thought of the idea to make it random to choose your team members in the team because i really wanted to see how some people in the class never actually communicated with other people and I thought that this will make a new connection between them and show how group work matters even in a very short amount of time. Which is what we saw.
We did our project based on the scene in the movie where everyone was selfish and made it into group work and team spirit and how they have to win together and help each other to win. I saw everyone was excited and enjoying the game as much as we expected. I believe that the sentence part was hard for the constructors because they did not know how the sentence end and begin. I believe that thats the only mistake we actually did not solve at the end. I really like what the other groups did I think they did a really good job but I feel like ours was different, maybe because it was a game and not an exhibition or so…
To be honest I really hate working in a group work because every person has their own technique of working and their on way of sorting things and planning their time, which most of the time is a problem because it leads to miss understanding which breaks the group apart. But this time it was I guess one of the best times I worked in a group work. Not because I did it with my friends, (which I hate the most because most of the time we end up fighting and I hate fighting) but because I feel like we’re mature enough to let go of tiny stupid things that aren’t actually important. And we were able to listen carefully to everything and discuss our ideas and express ourselves with no problem. We were able to communicate and listen to each other and critique ourselves and others with no hard feelings. I understood that together we can do more like our brains complete each other, I will through half an idea and they would complete it. which is amazing. and they’re all so smart ma sha allah. I can really see how the beginning of the semester changed me and the way I think and the way I take stuff in and accept it. I learned how to let go of my beloved ideas and believe that there are more awesome ideas in my brain and other people’s brain. I understood that sometimes I understand things very fast and some things might be very hard for me to understand. But team work really helped in finishing our project we learned how to split the work and use our strengths. Me and Aya seemed faster in working on physical work than digital. Marwa and Star are fast at digital work.


I guess we fell behind at the beginning of this week. We were overwhelmed by the idea of the maze and how we would build it that we forget to do the rules of the game and the other important things that will make it complete. When we had a meeting with Law and Fatima on monday we asked to go first so we can pass by the shop later since we called and the owner was there, we went on Sunday but he was sick and was not there so we lost another day. During the meeting while we explained our idea again I actually realised that we actually have 1% done. Law reminded us again that the whole class should go through the experience and later we realised that he was actually waiting for us to look at the whole picture. For the past weeks he has been saying the same sentence but we did not keep it in mind that somehow we did someone wrong in the class. We were selfish and I felt so bad about it. So we had to think all over again about a new idea, or fixing this one in a way that will suit everyone. We first thought of making only one person going inside the maze and the other group members outside and we would give them a task to do during the game. We thought of going back to our first idea where it isn’t a game its a path that you have to go through. Thinking of a new idea in a tiny amount of time is very stressful and scary.
However we went to the shop again to assure that we have the amount of pipes we need. We reconstructed the maze and made it into 4 separate paths for each group, we discussed with the owner and all of a sudden he turned us down and he ditched us. He told us that we did not tell him that we needed more but we explained what we will do 100 times to him. So another problem added to the package, great. After that we went to my house to cry a bit. jk, we planned everything all over again and we thought of a new game that will include everyone in class. We tried to plan everything about the game, we sketched and had so many ideas, we weren’t that excited since we just had a slap on the face. But we tried our best to plan everything the gameplay, the place, the materials, what do we need and the time. I tried my best to come up with a thing that we will use the tubes in, but first I thought of making it in the woodshop, but we came back to using pipes. Of course we had to discuss this with Law and Fatima, we discussed it with Law first because we had him the next day after type. He suggested that we build it until the next class and show him our finalized idea, and we did. During the class on wednesday we explained to Fatima and Law our gameplay and the rules, where it will be, we booked the orange hall for a week and he atrium for our final representation.
Of course when we meet with them everytime we discover that we miss out some tiny details that are important. but after that we considered everything again.
The game is a balloon battle, we will have four teams of 5 players and one team with a sixth player since our classmates are 25 and 4 of us (my group and I) will not play so 21 players in total. The game will begin when they enter the atrium they will select a paper from a jar saying where they will go and what they will be (inside the battle field or outside making the puzzle). The balloons will have words that will make a sentence at the end, the first team to complete the sentence get the prize which are umbrellas.
In each team there will be three characters in each team. 2 hunters, 2 constructors and a messenger.
The hunters will be inside the battle field collecting balloons and giving them to the messenger.
The messenger will deliver the balloons on a certain path to the constructors.
The constructors will take the balloons, pop them and make the sentence.
When they have a complete sentence they head to the stage to grab the prize.
We went again to the shop to return the pipes that were 3 and 2 meters, still, we’re making the battle ring with pipes but we had extra, and we needed 1 meter each, plus the connecters.
So I calculated it all to be 3 meters by 3 meters and 1 meter high, this is the sketch I did on the board to see the amount that we need for the new construction. I started working on it on tuesday I borrowed a hammer from the wood shop to connect the pipes and make it stronger cause I couldn’t do it with my hand.
We went together to get the fabric and the baloons. I had to bargain for so long to find a fabric thats cheap but good quality. Of course we had to act as if we’re leaving to make him give us a cheap price.
So when we had all the supplies we started working and here we decided to split the work, Aya and I would work on the physical things like the battle ring and the tables and make it look beautiful making sure its clean and everything is perfectly placed. we starting by wrapping plastic strings around the pipes to give it support. Maria and Star decided to work on the digital work without our help to later show us the final thing and see if we would understand it, And that is exactly what we did. Aya and I later commented on the rules and how some of them weren’t clear to us. We also helped choosing the sentences for the teams.
In the last hours of the project I was very stressed and annoyed because I felt like there is no time although we were 70% done on Saturday. However, I kept working  on finalizing the fabric because we needed more of it and Aya and I had to think how we would assemble that. Other than That we decided to make more balloons for distraction so we made 3 more bags of colored balloons that had nothing inside and to make the game harder and challenging. After that I went at night to blow the big red balloon because it only last for several hours with the helium as they said. we had to look for stores that sell cheap helium because the store we went to first was very expensive and not worth it, so the cheapest one was by my house so I was responsible for the balloons. I really learned that to find something is not that easy and you have to look and research billion times to find the best of everything.
We had our hardest moment moving the battle ring to the atrium since one side was longer than the other because of the connectors. we almost gave up in everything because like khalas we wanted to be done. we had to split it in half and construct it again in the atrium. 



This week we came with our final idea which is a game. we planned the game to be competitive and fun for everyone in class, plus having a meaning to it that has to do with the film. The game is basically a maze with 4 entrance for 4 teams, they enter the maze that is full of strings and they have to go through and exit from the other side.

However, that was just a finalized idea, we still had to deal with our limited budget and how are we going to sort out all of the stuff that we will need. We thought together of making the maze out of pipes as we saw on a YouTube video we went together to a hardware store that star suggested. We went there and the guy was very helpful when we told him that we are students and he was so happy to help us. We told him that we have a budget to stick to and we will return the pipes after we finish the project. So after we agreed I started to plan the cube that we will make with the him, I really love working with sculptures and building three dimensional shapes so I was so into it and interested. We sketched together with the help of my team. We agreed to take 4x3meters 4x2meters and 4x1meter pipes to make a cube of the dimensions 3mx, 2my, 1mz. after we finished sketching we came to the part where we had to adjust the connecters between the pipes. Unfortunately, he had one connecter missing the one with 3 holes that makes a corner. so he helped us figuring out a way to make one out of the T’s and L’s connectors and it worked.

After that wetried to construct the cube as a group. But it did not work well, the cube was very wobbly and the pipes kept coming out. I suggested to make a small prototype like the ones we make for interior. But time was against us. However, after we saw that it isn’t working we tried to solve the error as a group. We sketched many sketches on the board to figure out how it isgoing to be. To be honest, the discussion was hard at that time because we were all nervous and confused. Some of us have the eye to see things as they really are with the measurements and all but some don’t which is normal, and communication when being nervous is a major issue. But that did not stop us from explaining things to each other which is good. The main problem in me is when I think and need to focus and I need to be very quiet and after I finish the whole idea I start talking about it which is annoying sometimes even to me because it takes time.

However, after that we discussed and tried to solve the problem we came to a decision where we need to use short pipes 1meter each witch connectors to give it support.


Another problem appeared is that we need a larger number of pipes and a larger number of connectors. We did not know if that will be available to us. So we had to go to the shop again and ask the owner.

I went to the shop later and the owner was not there, the workers gave me some pipes that are cut into one meters for us to try. But still, we couldn’t confirm the number of pipe we’ll be given since the owner wasn’t there and the shop closes during the weekend. 

Apart from working on constructing our project, we had a meeting with facilities during class to remind us of the rules of the building. We had to go to ask for aplace to present our installation, we thought of the courtyard but art foundation were using it. We went to talk to Isabelle but she said that it isn’t available. Wethought later of using the atrium since the saffron hall and orange hall are smaller, we also thought of using the football pitch but we did not find the person responsible of it.



We started the final project where we combine all our previous projects in one poster, one A1 poster. Starting from the 50/50 letters, the word, the sentence, and paragraph. We were taught again about the levels of hierarchy on a poster, we had to guess which one is what level. At the end it was word, sentence, paragraph, and the logo which is the letters. The homework which was making 3 posters was not actually that hard. It took me like 20 minutes to make the 3 posters. I changed the color of the type and made it white because I felt like it will go better with the poster since the word is white, and the main thing to look at. And I thought it will stand out more. During class on Thursday we met as groups and we were told that the paragraph should be body copy on a A1, which is between 8-12, and the sentence should be a little bit bigger since we are playing with hierarchy and it comes after the word. My biggest problem is my poster is so busy and I felt like I don’t know where should I place the sentence and the paragraph. These are the some examples that I did for Thursday’s class.



This week we had to come up with three ideas for the installation and discuss it with the group, my ideas were

– Maybe making something that has to do with autism and how autistic people react with the world around them. I thought of making a place where there are lots of noises like the voices in our head. that will explain how to be in a person with autism’s position.

– Or working with the idea of imaginary friends and how they affect some people.

– Or the idea of bullying and how everyone can be a bully, because not only the small kids bullied the child but also the teachers and people.

However, as we were discussing ideas came from everywhere, stupid ideas, smart ideas, ideas we can’t afford, ideas that needs more time than we have and so. some of the ideas we looked in to is a screen that’s interactive, making an animation that would move along with the movement of people. Another idea is of making a board with small notes that people can react and write something about bullying or so. We had many ideas that are very good, like taking a scene of the film and turning it into live thing for example the scene where he hides under the umbrella to protect his balloon from the rain. We also research in pinterest and other websites for installation and more ideas.

Our ideas weren’t very complete. But at last we had an idea that we thought is solid. Which is a path that is full of strings which is somehow a metaphor for bullying. Like seeing how people feel when they’re bullied. The path will begin with black complicated strings and as you move through the strings turn colorful and less. And at the end of the path will be a board and it will say something like write down how you felt and so. We also thought of music, and putting pointing fingers on the beginning of the strings and as you move in the theme of the music changes or we put like sounds of people saying bad things (bullying) and then voices that say things about encouragement. We planned this to effect people not only psychologically but also physically like showing the struggle of bullying from all aspects.